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Artist Statement

Art can reach in any direction, but in its most basic form, it can either steer an observer into fantastical distractions or it can build off of life and evoke a thought/reaction to the prevalence of the real. Both absolutely having their time and place, but a balance between the two in the art world must exist, one cannot dominate over the other as long as people and the environment still experience turmoil. As we are so distant from anything remotely utopia, the balance must favor less fantastical distractions. Art on war, unrest, social and political conflicts must be at the forefront, but it must be strong, thoughtful, and considered to be effective. There cannot be a void between art and the world we live and breathe in, as such it should appeal to people's consciousness. Evoking consideration of themselves, those around them, and those distant, it must make people think. The art will never successfully reach the contemplation and impact needed by everyone, however, it is in the artist's power to steer the art in a way that will succeed in reaching everyone that it could have. The art must serve a purpose, more than a basic and generic stance or plea, but one that reflects the artist's suffering and commitment to getting something more out of the observer. The artist may not see the effectiveness of their art immediately, they may not see the effectiveness in their lifetime. It comes down to the viewer to determine the significance of the art and evoking its effectiveness towards making the world fair and peaceful.

Artist Statement
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New York and Los Angeles-based artist Jakob Vitale seeks to educate and evoke change in society (or at least increase the possibilities of such), as art has the incredible power of impacting people, especially artwork seeking change/acknowledgement/reform/or response to topics such as war, unrest, social and political conflicts. Within his artistic discipline, Jakob has fully propelled himself into this goal, putting aside simple and aesthetically pleasing imagery for complex scenes, allegories, and narrations on urban environments of New York City and Los Angeles. Born in Bronx, New York in 1999, Jakob absorbed the environment and experience of urban life of the East coast. Later spending 3 years, beginning in 2015, in the affluent urban society of Santa Monica, California, ultimately returning to New York to study Painting and Drawing at Purchase College, School of Art and Design (BFA, 2021), Jakob instills the troubling matters of varying urban experiences (of the United States) into his artwork.



Jakob Vitale


Instagram: Jakob_vitale



2021       Purchase College BFA Degree, School of Art+Design, Purchase, NY


Selected Group Exhibitions

2020       Exhibition at Richard Dolly Maass Gallery  (Harrison, NY)

                Contributed multiple paintings to the, “2020 Views: Seeing Through Uncertainty” gallery show at                              Purchase College. Curated by Joshua Lutz and Marisa Scheinfeld.

2020       Chancellors Gallery, Special Exhibition (H Carl McCall SUNY Administrative Building, SUNY 

                Rockefeller institute of Government) Curated by Chloejean Tedford.

2016       Districtwide Visual Arts Show at Santa Monica Art Studios (Santa Monica, CA)

                Multiple artworks showcased at the prestigious Districtwide Visual Arts Show.

2015       Roberts Art Gallery (Santa Monica, CA)

                Contributed multiple artworks to the District show exhibited (at Santa Monica High School, SMMUSD)                     Curated by Amy Bouse.


Works in Public Space 

2010       Design and Creation of Mural (Bronx NY)

                Worked with a select group of students to design and paint a mural at P.S.24.


Work Experience 

2017       Santa Monica YMCA (Los Angeles, California)       

                Receptionist position, including interpersonal skills, organization, informative guides, and being                              knowledgeable about communications and scheduling.



2020       Digital Age Abetting Algorithmic Success over Cultural Arts (Manifesto)


Teaching Experience

2019       Learning Assistant (Painting and Drawing) at Purchase College.



2020       Panel Discussion “2020 Views: Seeing Through Uncertainty” at Purchase College.



                Writing: Strong writing abilities, from Expository, Descriptive, to Critical writing in and about the arts.                     Utilizing a comprehensive art history education and active artistic production to approach any new                         writings.

                 Technology/Graphic Design: 4 year of experience using Adobe Photoshop for a wide range of                                     applications including website development, artwork documentation and organization for                                         presentation, gallery curation and promotion. Additionally having a grasp of the wider array of Adobe                   platforms.

                Visual Arts: Experienced in a wide array of materials and processes in the production of visuals                                 artwork. Including material/image transfer processes: CitraSolv, Acrylic Transfers, Lithograph,                                 Monotype, and Silkscreen.




Digital Age Abetting Algorithmic Success over Cultural Arts (Manifesto)


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