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Santa Monica Sign


Acrylic, Gloss, Matte Medium on Canvas

59.5 x 80.25 in


Detailed Photos & Videos

Model, Studies, Progress Photos, & Description

A painting idea sparked by a photograph I took back in 2017 of a homeless person sleeping under the glow of neon Santa Monica sign located on the California Incline (connecting the Pacific Coast Highway to the city of Santa Monica). The intense and powerful sight that can evoke many takeaways of societal, governmental, and economic actions that left this sight, and many more, presented in front of me during my time in California. Years later I return to the photograph to poke and prod at the societal problem of homelessness in extremely affluent societies and how overlooked and ignored the people and the problem are. Constructing a model allows me to explore lighting at night as well as mess with the fantastical of perception/scale of money, cars, liquor, etc. Inserting the imagery of the homeless person into the center of the composition expresses the exact dilemma I seek to express; they disappear into the direct center of the composition as the surrounding scene dazzles the observer with poppy colors, forms, and subject matter.

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Fire Hydrant 


Acrylic, Oil Pastel on Canvas

60 x 108 in


Detailed Photos & Videos

Note: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic I have yet to get a chance to properly photograph this painting. The video and first 5 photos are not of the completed version of the painting. I should have proper photos by February- March hopefully.

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Street Struck


Acrylic, CitraSolv Transfer on Canvas

55 x 38 in


Detailed Photos & Videos